Sunday, 8 May 2011

Ugh.. Pirates

I'm not entirely sure if the Internet is the first place I should be admitting this.. but.. I hate pirates. To me, there is nothing else on this earth more dull than pirates. I would legitimately rather watch a 5 hour Antiques Roadshow special on 18th century feminine hygiene products than watch another Pirates of the Carribean movie. I foolishly saw the 3rd one in the cinema, I was asleep after about 20 minutes. Half naked Orlando Bloom tied to that plank of wood didn't even hold my interest. THAT'S HOW MUCH I HATE PIRATES. New Pirates of the Carribean movie? Zzz...

(I will admit I dressed up as a pirate a few years ago for Halloween, but the costume came with this badass net underskirt that would have normally cost as much as the whole costume so.. I was being thrifty okay!) 

So can you imagine how much I wasn't looking forward to Dr Who meets some pirates. With Lily bloody Cole and her weird alien head. AND AND AND.. that weird whiny kid from Emmerdale (sorry if you're in the US and don't know what Emmerdale is, it's pretty much a terrible soap opera set in a tiny village and it's awful)

Overall, I enjoyed Curse of the Black Spot. Surprisingly. The only real piece of ARRR WE BE PIRATES AND WILL SWASHBUCKLE YE ARRR came from Amy, and was actually kind of funny.

What I liked MOST about this episode, was that it wasn't 40 minutes of "a thing happening" then 5 minutes of "Oh the Dr has a solution and it works! the end!". He came up with a few theories and they were all rubbish! But he got there in the end, and that's what's important. More of that please BBC. Lily Cole as the Siren was also (surprisingly) good, and overall the story was pretty enjoyable and easy to follow which makes a change!

I think what we're ALL bothered about though, is who is that woman that keeps appearing in the walls? With the weird monocle thing? And she only appears to Amy. Hmm. Does this have to do with Amy's possible baby? And it's Timehead? And and and! What about that little girl from last week? What's up with that? SO MANY QUESTIONS! AAAH!

In conclusion, Rory almost died (again)... I just can't bring myself to care. 

On to the Etsy stuff!  This week I am concentrating on Dr Who items that are mind bendingly cute! 

Ooooh myyyy goooooooossssshhhh! It's a weeny Doctor! He's so little and cute and oh man, I just want to smoosh him! Look at his giant eyes and floppy hair and bow tie and and and... Ok I need a minute. But seriously, how cute is this ? It's 100% made to order as well, so if you need a HUGER bow tie, you can ask for it! It comes on a 16-18" chain, which can be substituted for a faux suede black cord. I think either would be gorgeous with this little guy hanging round your neck! Eeee! 

Amy Pond. As a mouse. Why? I don't know. To be honest, I don't care. BECAUSE IT IS AMY POND AS A MOUSE AND IT IS FRICKIN' CUTE AS HELL. This seller also makes 10th and 11th Doctor Mice, a Dalek Mouse, AND a TARDIS. It would be sad to just buy one of these little guys.. You need all of them, and then put them on your desk at work, and act out little scenarios with them. Then you wonder why you have to eat lunch on your own and that woman from HR keeps looking at you and writing things on her clipboard... So lonely. But you won't be lonely with these little mice dudes to keep you company yaaay! 

Ok, I admit it, I love the baby Adipose. Adiposes? Adipi? I don't know, either way they're so little and squishy and awww! These squishy little guys are crocheted from from acrylic yarn and are fuuuuuuuull of stuffing. Can you imagine hugging one of them? A little adipose friend of your very own.. aww. This listing is for one baby Adipose only, not a whole troop like in the picture! 

                 Dr Who - The Silence

Okay, under no circumstances are The Silence cute. In fact, there were several points during the 2 episodes featuring them that I actually went "eep!" But d'awwww look at this little guy! He's not scary at all.. and I'm pretty sure he wont make you explode and disappear either! The best part is, this is a fridge magnet.. So if there IS an evil "The Silence" lurking around your house, you'll remember when you see this! 

Dr Who blog will be back next week, hopefully on Saturday instead of Sunday this time! In the meantime, I will be blogging about various silly things through the week! Hurrah! 


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  2. Cool stuff this week. I do adore Amy as a mouse!

  3. awesome picks :) thanks for including my Silence one :)

  4. They are awesome picks and to tell you the truth I don't give a swashbuckle about pirates either. Haven't been here since the dreaded MRI. How u do?

  5. It's tomorrow! Right now I'm going through the last minute panics of "should I shave my legs again?" and "can I drive on Valium?" Tomorrow will definitely be er.. interesting!