Friday, 20 May 2011

Hey ABC! Bite Me!

Hey ABC! I am mad as hell right now! And I'm .. er.. not gonna do anything except maybe write a really snarky blog post. 

Can you believe ABC cancelled V? I'm sooo sad about this. And also quite enraged. Enraged with nerdy, nerdy anger. (I'm also starting a lot of sentences with "And". Take THAT, English teachers of the world!) 

Okay this is going to sound geeky as hell, and possibly bring my families parenting skills into question, but: The original series of V is the 2nd memory I have. There's a possibility it's the first, as my recollection of Live Aid is sketchy at best. It was just after we moved into the house we live in now, and I was just over 2 years old, and I came downstairs from bed (no doubt being obnoxious about something) to find my parents watching some weird show with all these people in crazy red jumpsuits. Thankfully I was ushered back to bed before any face ripping/gerbil eating began. But then years later, it was shown again on TV and we all sat down as a family to watch it and OH MY GOD IT WAS AWESOME. Old and cheesy and a bit rubbish in places but awesome. Yes. 

So when the NEW series of V was announced, and I heard all the changes they were making, I was all "Pfffft that's gonna suck, not gonna watch that hells no". And I resisted for soooo long. Then I found out Jane Badler was going to be brought back as Diana, and I thought yeah, I need to watch this. 

I.. "procured".. the first series, and after the first episode I was absolutely hooked. I ended up watching the whole first series in a night (woo! go insomnia!). Unfortunately, I was full of questions, like "What is red rain?" "Whats the deal with Tyler being so important?" and of course "Will Anna's neck KEEP getting longer?".

I had to wait almost a whole year for the second series. The entire time I kept thinking "oh god I bet this gets cancelled before we see it". But it wasn't! The second series kicked ass in so many different ways. Wow. Granted, the CGI backgrounds were a bit ropey in places compared to the first series, and some of the storylines were a bit dumb but wow. So much action compared to the first series which just seemed to plod along in comparison.

I'm not going to post any spoilers because I'm sure some people haven't seen it blahblahblah, but damn. The final episode as a whole is just one massive cliffhanger. Just.. HUGE. And now we'll never know what happens. Because ABC suck really badly, and cancelled it. While shows like 2 and a Half Men are still on the air.  I did try to tweet my disgust at ABC but they have so many different accounts is nigh on impossible to find the right one. I didn't want to be tweeting ABC News Muffin Deliverers by mistake, ya know? 

Despite my fancy media degree, I don't know if the rights can be sold on to another station to continue the series. I wish they could, even if it was someone like SyFy. I just want to see some goddam humans being eaten by giant lizards you guys :( 

Now, Etsy draws a complete blank when it comes to V items. So have some cool alien/lizard stuff: 

Hey look! Something else from the 80s! "Space Invaders" is pretty much the ultimate 1980s alien themed game. Unless of course you count ET for the Atari (snicker, chortle). There used to be a huge arcade near my grandmas house, and it had a Space Invaders machine in the window.. I was always so scared of that giant orange one on the side. Ew. But look at this! Make your baby fancy, retro and a bit geeky with this cool diaper cover. Being childless myself, I'm not 100% on what a diaper cover actually IS but I have my ideas. Basically, if you need one, go buy this one!

Remember in the original series of V when Robyn gave birth to twin babies and one was like a normal baby but with a lizard tongue and eyes, and the other one was AAH!!! ALIEN LIZARD BABY!!!  Well.. TA DAAA! I swear, this little guys is probably the best thing I've ever seen on Etsy. He's so frickin' cute and weird and oh god I want to get like 10 of them. Also the background matches my background so that's extra cool points. I don't think we get Kewpie Dolls in the UK, but I've seen a normal one and trust me... they're much creepier when they're NOT painted green. 

This is absolutely gorgeous. Such tiny delicate work! Obviously this isn't a REAL Komodo dragon skull, because those things are about 6 feet long, giant, and will fuck your shit up royally if you even look at it the wrong way. Seriously, they kill people. This little guy wont, and you can totally tell people it's in remembrance of that one time you battled to the death with a Komodo dragon and totally kicked its ass. Or.. it's a really pretty piece of jewellery. 

Ok guys.. assuming we don't all get Raptured tomorrow, I'll be back with Dr Who bloggy goodness. Although even if we DO get raptured I guess it all depends on the timing... if it's like, 10pm GMT I should be able to post it by then I guess. And if some of us do, and I don't, then I guess I'll just write it anyway. Tie yourself to someone Holy looking just in case... if Jesus want's them for a sunbeam, he'll have to take you too! 


  1. I didn't watch V, but I've had some of my favorites get cancelled, too (Arrested Development). It's a huge drag, especially when crap like Jersey Shore is on.

  2. OMG, what a sad, sad, true statement! ^^
    PURE CRAP like Jersey Shore is still on the air, and AWESOME, AMAZING, KICKASS shows like Firefly get cancelled! WTF?! It makes me want to heap in the corner and just cry for the rest of my life.

  3. V has been cancelled???!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!

  4. @MummyK
    Yep, they announced it last week, after I read an interview with Scott Wolf saying it would probably get a 3rd series. So sad :(