Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Reverse the Polarity of the Neutron Flow!

Yes yes worst blogger ever, never on time, could do better if she just applied herself. But! AH HA! It's not my fault this time! Nyaaaah! I haven't actually been able to log into blogger since about Wednesday. I've been trying! Trying reeeeally hard, but no dice. And now I can log in. You lucky people. 

The angry bees in my throat are still not gone but merely come and go now. So it's not so bad. 

On to Dr Who!  I just found out that because of Memorial Day, the US won't be getting this episode until next week so... 


Wow! So uh.. the poop really hit the fan this week huh guys? 

We'll get to all the OMG parts in a little bit, but we should probably talk about the episode as a whole maybe... maybe. Ok.  I have a confession. I sat through the entire episode and watched it but I missed SO much. This is mainly because I watched in my mums living room (we have separate living rooms, how posh are we? Not very.) and her television directly faces the sun. And you're not allowed to close the curtains. Closing the living room curtains is like biting the head off a statue of Baby Jesus, on Christmas morning, after taking a dump INSIDE the turkey. She doesn't like it. On top of that, my dad sets the brightness so low, any night time scenes are reminiscent of the darkest parts of The Blair Witch Project. I'm not sure if this is because he misses the days of black and white TV, or he thinks more colour costs extra. Anyway...

Yeah. I missed a lot of action but I have the basic gist of everything and I promise I will watch it again on iPlayer. 

I'll be honest, as the second part of a two parter I found this episode a bit lackluster. There were parts that I really, really enjoyed but in comparison to last week, I don't think it held up as well as it should. Last week's episode, I compared that to The Thing.. This weeks was more a filler episode of the X Files.

My main problem? The god awful CGI. Dr Who has some AMAZING villains sometimes. Look at all the work that goes into Cybermen, Daleks, Judoon and The Ood. And then look at the dreadful CGI plop we got this week. Empress of the Racnoss, that was a woman in a suit and make up. Probably one of the most (visually) impressive Dr Who bad guys in a long time. And yet they still think it's appropriate to include wibbly CGI like this. I appreciate budgets don't stretch awfully far, but you would think for one of the BBC's flagship programs they could do a bit better? Even the gorilla cyberman thing covered in black mopheads was less ridiculous! 

It was also a very touchy feely type of episode. However! It was also quite fun in places. And very much like the olden days of Dr Who. Lots of running around corridors, getting trapped in places, having to do X Y and Z or we would all die... Awesome stuff. My favourite part? Ganger Doctor going all wibbly because of his previous regenerations and quoting older Doctors with things about Jelly Babies and Reversing the Polarity of the Neutron Flow! 

Okay.. on to what EVERYBODY wants to talk about. Amy is a ganger. Oh em gee. Here is the theory from my household: Amy was real Amy until she was taken by The Silence. She doesn't know how long they had her. This is when she had a "Flesh" copy made, and this copy has been pretending to be Amy since..  Because:
Amy tells the Doctor she's pregnant. Then she's taken by The Silence. Then she tells the Doctor she's not pregnant. The scanner is saying pregnant/not pregnant because real Amy IS pregnant, her Ganger ISN'T but they're linked to each other. As for why she's in that tube with the woman looking in on her etc etc... I have no idea. All I know is it made me a bit claustrophobic! 

Also.. Amy told the REAL Doctor that she saw him die, not the Ganger Doctor like she thought. Ruh roh! So uh.. who can't wait for next weeks episode? Wowza! 

On to pretty Etsy things! This week I'm going for a "Previous Doctors" theme:

Would you look at the size of that?! This scarf is HUGE. Huge and awesome. Tom Baker as the Doctor will always have a spot in my heart, as that's what got me interested in the whole thing. Remember the one with the giant green glowing maggots? Yeah.. that one. It was awesome being off school for a month and watching Dr Who all day. I adore this scarf. I'm genuinly amazed at the amount of work that must have gone into it, completely justifying the price tag! This will definitely keep you warm this winter! Wow! 

All the Doctors except Mr Smith! What makes me sad is that people count Paul McGann as the 8th Doctor. Ugh that whole thing was awful. Was Paul McGann in The Upper Hand or was that his brother? Not that that matters. Obviously for continuity and numbers etc etc, Paul McGann is the 8th Doctor. Enough of that. This print is brilliant! My favourite part is the fact that such a simple print has managed to capture the personality of each Doctor so well! Sylvester McCoy and his cheeky little face, Jon Pertwee looking a bit grumpy.. love it! And the little quote, "Saving the Galaxy one face at a time..." That's ace! 

Okay I know I said I was going for a previous Doctors sort of thing this week, but hey.. Previous Doctors have fought The Ood right? And if you don't think this little guy is badass then.. well... shhh! What could be cuter than coming home to find your pet cat snuggling with an Ood? Well, a lot of things probably. But a cute little stuffed, crocheted Ood filled with Catnip? Nothing! That is the epitome of cute! As soon as I have spare pennies, Boo cat is definitely getting one of these for her bad self! 

In conclusion, this weeks Dr Who was awesome. I remain awesome, albeit a little bit grumpy and sore. Further blog posts will come, assuming I can dodge tidying a giant cupboard and my angry bee sore throat doesn't drive me insane. Happy Memorial Day in the US and Happy Bank Holiday Piss Up BBQ day in the UK! If you're in another country.. well, Happy Monday I guess? Except it's Tuesday now, so uh.. yeah. 

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