Monday, 23 May 2011

Bad Face Day

Wayhey! We didn't get raptured! Which means that yes, we all got to watch Dr Who, and I have absolutely no excuses for not writing about it sooner. Except I do because I was so tired I actually fell asleep during Saturdays episode for about 30 seconds. Oh em gee. I know I'm always complaining about being tired but I did a *lot* of housework, and hoovering stairs is hard you guys! 

Okay.. on to The Rebel Flesh. 

First thing's first. As much as I enjoy two parters, because hells yeah more Doctor, it does pose me with a slight problem. The first episode is always sort of a "build up" episode until the last few minutes, which really doesn't leave me much to write about! But I shall persevere... 

Is anyone else really enjoying this season because you don't need 5 degrees in astrophysicsmumbojumbo to understand what's actually happening? I'm loving it. It's like "mining acid, acid is dangerous, people die, we create facsimilies of the people from the goo, oh no the goo people are kind of sentient or something arghghghgh they think they're us".

There we go, entire episode summarised in one ridiculous sentence. But not really. The CGI in the bathroom part was really, really awful wasn't it? Wow. John Carpenter did pretty much the same thing in the 1980s with The Thing. Probably only used 3 lollipop sticks, a rubber band and a hamster. Looked a helluva lot better than that did. Damn. To be honest, the whole thing (so far) kind of feels like one big homage to The Thing. Trapped in a weird place in the middle of nowhere, can't get out because of the weather, no one knows who's them and who's The Thing (or a "Ganger" which is a ridiculous name and sounds a bit rude).

I also can't be the only one who keeps wondering "goo that makes copies of people, where have I heard that before?" It's really bugging me. I think there was a movie in the 80s where there was an evil goo and it did something like that. Maybe I'm thinking of "The Stuff" but that was evil yoghurt goo that turned you into a zombie. Hmm. 

WHAT IS RORY UP TO?!! How dare he be all "Oh hey goo lady wassup, how 'bout we roam around unmapped areas of this castle together. Alone. Bow chicka bow wow". Except Rory would never be that smooth so it's probably more "Hurr... you girl... pretty.. um.. go castle now?" Either way, why would you be chasing the goo lady when you have the lovely Amy Pond? Maybe he ate some of the goo. Like "The Stuff". 

And a goo Doctor! Oooooo that's gonna be creeeeeeeepy. 

Like I said, two parters do cause me problems because.. well.. they come in two parts. So I can't really go any further. I did enjoy this episode and I'm definitely looking forward to next week to see what happens, and if Rory gets a smack upside the head. Hurrah!

Oh yes, weird lady in the wall. She made an appearance again didn't she. And Amy's still wibbly wobbly yes/no pregnant. Still no further forward on either of those things. Although my fiancé did point out this is the first time the weird lady has appeared and not said anything. HMMMMMMM!

On to the pretty things!

This is incredibly pretty, and really unusual. You see a lot of Dr Who jewellery and clothing and buttons and stuff, but never really much in the way of hair accessories. I'm not usually into the whole "Steampunk" thing (sorry!) but this is lovely. Mainly because it doesn't have 50 pointless cogs glued on to it. My favourite thing about this ? It has an alligator clip on the back to keep it in your hair. I have really really fine hair and always find it difficult to keep things like this IN my hair. Alligator clip means it's going nowhere! Awesome :) 

Okay so this is a bit of a strange pick for me. I don't knit, I don't crochet, and I don't know if there's any difference between yarn and wool. Or if you can make things that aren't socks from this. But I'm sure those who are more crafty than I will know all about it. I picked this because OMG the colours! So pretty. This colour is based on the final episode of the last series, where the Doctor gets his fez. Personally, it reminds me more of the opening credits with the whole wibbly wobbly timey wimey bits. Either way, it's beautiful. Imagine some dreadlock falls made from this! Wow! (assuming you can use this type of yarn for that... I don't know!) 

Okay here's a shout out to my fiancé and his love of "fengah pappets... pappets for your fengahs". Look at those little googly eyes. Every time I see this finger puppet I want to giggle like the fool I am because he looks so silly! This little guy comes from a seller called FeltSewSweet and you really, REALLY, need to check out their store. I am actually in love with it. So many cute little Dr Who things, including loads of good guy/bad guy finger puppets, AND some gorgeous hair clips. They even have fish fingers and custard hair clips! You'd be a fool not to go check it out. Seriously. GO! NOW! 

Well, that's it for now. I'll *try* to blog some more through the week like I always promise I will but I never do. I don't have much to do this week so hopefully I can get my butt into gear. Unless there's another Rapture or something that no one told me about. I'm also pretty shocked that I'm the 3rd Google result for "who is the woman who keeps appearing to Amy Pond".. So yeah. Go me! Woo! 


  1. Entertaining post, great picks!

  2. Look at that finger puppet! Adorable!!! Loved this post.

    PS...I'm so glad we survived the rapture. I have so many great plans ahead!