Monday, 16 May 2011

Good thing deadlines aren't literal...

Oh my goodness I am the worst blogger EVER. I know I promised my weekly Dr Who blog would be on Saturday evening but damn... I am so tired lately, I'm not much good for anything. Except maybe for eating these new Double Stuffed Oreos. Have you tried them? Wow. 

Okay.. on to this weeks episode, The Doctors Wife!

First off, this episode was obviously going to be brilliant since it was written by Neil Gaiman. For those not in the know Neil Gaiman is a novelist, comic book writer, graphic novel writer, he's written for movies, television and even starred in an episode of the kids show Arthur. How cool is that? So yeah.. awesome, very talented guy. 

I really, really, really enjoyed this episode. Suranne Jones as the TARDIS/Idris was fantastic, although at certain points she seemed to be channeling Marla Singer. That's okay though, I love Fight Club. Only question I have though, isn't "Idris" a brand of Ginger Beer? 

It was quite fun to see other parts of the TARDIS. I can't remember EVER seeing other parts, unless it was years and years and years ago (please feel free to correct me!). And how creepy was old man Rory? And scary? When he started screaming about things coming for him... ahgghgh! That bit was really intense and I got a little scared! 

Oh, and the voice of House/The evil TARDIS? Michael Sheen. I swear, that man gets everywhere! 

Towards the end of this episode. Oh wow. The Doctor telling Idris/The TARDIS he didn't want her to die... I think this is possibly the saddest episode since David Tennants last appearance. Granted, I cried absolute buckets at that, and I only had a little tear at this one but still.. so very sad. I think possibly because the lines for the two episodes were very similar. Booo. 

It was quite nice to avoid the whole Amy pregnancy/freaky woman in the walls "storyline" for a week. Granted I'm sure it's all important but being a timey wimey person, you probably have other things to worry about sometimes. Like timeheads. 

This was genuinely one of my favourite episodes ever. Absolutely loved it. Oh and I guess Rory did kind of die.. again. I'm starting to think I should start some sort of Death tally? Maybe next week he'll fall off his bunkbed!

Oops! Just realised I forgot something quite important! "The only water in the forest is the river". OOOOOOOOOH! What does that mean?! 

On to the Etsy goodness! 

I found these cute little guys last week, and they're so amazing, they've sold already! I don't usually feature stuff that's already been sold but I thought these were so brilliant it would be rude not to show them! I've been thinking about trying my hand at custom My Little Pony's for a while and these are proof that you don't have to add 15lbs of sculpting stuff to make an awesome pony! My absolute favourite part is Amy's hair.. I wonder how I can get my hair that colour?! 

If you're anything like me, you go to the supermarket to buy one tiny little thing and then come out with almost a whole trolley of stuff. And now supermarkets really really grudge giving you plastic bags. Saving the planet and all that jazz. Now, I never ever remember to bring reusable bags with me because they're so bulky and some of them are scratchy and horrible and blah. This bag? This bag is awesome. It comes in a little drawstring pouch which would be soooo easy to just leave in your bag, then pull it out when you need it! The pouch has a TARDIS on it, then the main bag says It's Bigger on the Inside. It also seems to have a shoulder strap, so you don't have to shred your hands carrying heavy bags. You would be dumb not to get one of these!

Do you enjoy "singing" the Dr Who theme tune at the top of your voice to annoy friends, relatives and loved ones? Or is that just me... ? Every Saturday night you can find me going DOOOO WEEE OOOOOOOOHHHH DOOOO WEE OOOOOOH... And my poor poor fiancĂ© has to put up with that. This t shirt is brilliant, also comes in Womens sizes and the seller has plenty more Dr Who themed shirts in store! Go looky! 

Cross Stitch isn't just for grandmas now! I always felt so geeky as a teenager when I would be sat working away on my cross stitch. But no more! This is one of the best cross stitch patterns I've seen in a long time, and is really making me want to get back into it... Hmmm!

Finally, a bit unusual but I want to show off my latest piece! 

This is my first attempt at anything using lampwork/glass beads, and I'm actually really proud of it. I came across the green beads originally, and looked for AGES for black ones to complement them. I think they really go well together. I would love some feedback from all you lovely people who actually read my blog :) 

Hopefully, I'll be a bit more awake/less busy this week so I will be able to do some midweek blogging! Yay! 


  1. Is your doctor who there different from the doctor who in the UK?

  2. Won't see this episode until this coming Saturday but everyone says it was one of the best ever. Looking forward to it!
    I LOVE the Tardis shopping bag!

  3. I promise you wont be disappointed!