Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Gotta Catch 'em All

Oh man.. Pokemon. Aside from crippling tiredness, Pokemon is the number one reason there was no blog from me yesterday. I got a bit bored in the afternoon and thought "Hey yeah, I should totally start a new game of Pokemon White. It'll be okay because I am a grown up and fully in control of my life and my actions".

Before I knew where I was, it was 1am and I was frothing at the mouth about a monkey who is on fire. Then realised I had spent about 2 hours of that time giving my Pokemon names like "Gay Onion", "Globface", "DAVE", "Penispede" and "Ted Danson". 

People, I have a major Pokemon problem. When it first came out in the UK, I was at the awkward almost teenage phase and didn't want to play Pokemon because that was a cartoon and was for baaaaabies. My smaller cousins harangued me into playing the card game once and somehow I won all their pebbles. No idea how, no idea what the pebbles were for either but hey, they were shiny. Like most people I thought Pikachu was cute, and sometimes it was funny to make Pokemon noises to get thrown out of class but that was it. In my opinion, Pokemon was dumb.

Then in 2009, for many different reasons, I was living in Scotland while my fiancĂ© was living in England with his mother. On a visit, when his mother was determined to ignore me (but leaving snarky notes about takeaway food while refusing to even let me look in the same direction as her food) I discovered Pokemon. I started playing and then BAM! 7 hours had passed and it was bedtime. Pokemon was my savior! Unfortunately I became a bit obsessed and still am, to this day.  I haven't touched a Pokemon game in 2 years. Now I'm off the wagon. Are there support groups for this? 

(incidentally, we don't talk to the mother in law any more, that woman is a stone cold bitch)

In the meantime while I try to detox from those cute little pocket monsters, have some of my favourite Pokemon items from Etsy:

Oshawott! This is the Pokemon I have started with this time around, mainly because who doesn't love saying "Oshawott"? It's the cutest thing. Except mine is now called DAVE. DAVE the Oshawott. I love, love, love this hat. And my favourite part is, you can give head measurements to make sure it fits! No more jamming on a tiny childs hat and asking "Do I look pretty?" Get an Oshawott that fits your head perfectly! I think it's pretty impossible to look at this hat without squeaking in glee, so you should probably go and buy 5 of them. Now! 

See? This is what I've been saying! Pokemon isn't just for nerdy basement dwelling neckbeard types and little kids. You can be a sexy, sassy lady Pokemon trainer with fab underwear! This is the standard set, if you're feeling really fancy and want to spend some of that hard earned cash from winning Pokemon battles, this seller also has a Victorias Secret set available too! How could you NOT want Pokeball boobs? 

Oh my God, this seller has a whole line of Pokemon based eyeshadows! Squirtle is my personal favourite, as you can see from the picture it's a gorgeous rich shimmery blue and is just... wow! They have everything from Charmander to Pikachu, Weepinbell and Porygon. And it's all vegan so you know there were no Pokemon hurt in the process! 

These are just a few of my favourite items so far, I'm sure as my obsession gets worse we'll be seeing a lot more Pokemon! 

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