Saturday, 30 April 2011

wibbly wobbly timey wimey


Oh man, Dr Who. I've been promising this blog post aaaaalllll week. I've got a lot of cool stuff to show you but I wanted to talk about this weeks episode for a bit first. I foolishly thought "Oh yeah we're totally going to find out loooaaads of stuff and questions will be answered"

Were they?

Pffft no. As usual, I come away with more questions than answers. 

Overall I thought this weeks episode "Day of the Moon" was pretty good. It wasn't as mind blowing and world changing as I expected but hey, nothing ever is. I definitely enjoyed the first 10 minutes, mainly because I do love a good old fashioned Dr Who escape plan! 

I would have liked more of a concrete explanation as to who/what The Silence actually are, that bit seemed a bit rushed to me.. but getting rid of them? Absolutely brilliant. For a change, I didn't have to ask my fianc√© "wait what... how does that... I dont even... what?!?" I like when things make sense! However.. I don't think we've seen the last of The Silence. Their weird control room thing is from last seasons episode with James Corden. James Corden is going to appear in an episode this season. HMMM... 

BUT - the baby in the picture! Amy is pregnant?!?! Amy isn't pregnant?!?!? OH EM GEE. What is happening there? Will it have a timehead? What IS a timehead? I have my theories.. (but not on the timehead)

And River Song! What's her deal?? Once again I have my theories, but I'm not going to post them here, because when I'm wrong everyone will be like "Oh man you're such a boob.. why would you ever think that? You actually are the worst person on the planet at Dr Who theories" and that would make me pretty sad. Speaking of sad, River and the Dr are moving in opposite directions guys :( it's such a bummer. 

Oh oh oh! AND THE LITTLE GIRL?!?! And the Time Lord dusty crap? and and.. just AAAH so many things. I don't care about Pirates, or Lily Cole and her weird plectrum shaped head. She's so odd isn't she? Blah. I'm impatient.

In other news, Rory is growing on me SLIGHTLY.. I don't wish he was dead any more. Although this could all change by next week... Now, on with the Dr Who items!

Isn't this the cutest little TARDIS? This would be perfect to hide behind when the Daleks turn up! It's made from Eco Felt which helps save the planet, something the Doctor would be very proud of, and if you ask reeeeeally nicely, you can have a pink one instead of blue! Imagine that? A pink TARDIS! Honestly, I just want to squish it! 

Everybody always complains about their fat bits. However I think it's genuinely impossible not to love these cute little blobs of fat! These cheeky little fellas come from the breeding planet of Adipose 3 and they're so happy to see you. Look at those fat little bellies! These baby adipose are only $5, how can you say no? 

Oh no! It's the Master! John Simm, as The Master, as Harold Saxon. This is a gorgeous little cartoon print of Harold Saxon and The Toclafane. Depressingly, they're the remnants of humanity, from the end of the universe, 100 trillion years from now. On the plus side, they're pretty cute in this print. Look, little Toclafane love hearts! Aww. This print is an absolute steal at $4, and there are so many others in the sellers store, from Amy Pond to Daleks, the Ood and Donna Noble! 

Okay I've saved the best for last this week. This is probably my favourite Dr Who piece on Etsy at the moment. All Dr Who fans will recognise this pendant as the note the Doctor scrawled to little Amelia Pond in the final episode of the last series, trying to lure her to the Museum. Come along, Pond. Amy Pond is without a doubt, my favourite companion, ever. And she's a ginger like me, so ya know, us gingers have to stick together! This pendant looks perfectly aged, as if it's taken a few trips in the TARDIS itself. You'd be a fool not to buy this, seriously. 

New Dr Who blog next Saturday, assuming my brain hasn't melted with all the wibbly wobbly timey wimey stuff. In the meantime, there should be a new blog from me every day on whatever subject I damn well please! 


  1. Oh thanks much for featuring my plush Tardis in your Dr. Who Post! I love that mad man and will drop by again to follow your Who posts! ;0)

  2. Wait wait wait WHAT?! How can you not love Rory?! Rory and Amy were the only ones that got me into season 5!

  3. Thanks for featuring my work! I have Torchwood, too, for those who love both ;3 It's so cool to see all the different items people are making around this show. Also, omg, that Time Baby. I want it to be a time-lady from the old series, like Romana or the Rani!

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