Friday, 29 April 2011

You Mess With The Bull... You Get The Horns

Ladies! Who is your most dreamy, swoon-worthy 1980s Brat Pack crush? Is it:

A) Tom Cruise as Brian Flannagan (Cocktail)
B) John Cusack as Lloyd Dobler (Say Anything.. you know, the one with the boombox)
C) Patrick Swayze as Johnny Castle (Dirty Dancing) 

D) All of the above
E) None of the above

If you answered anything apart from E) None of the above, then you are WRONG. Awfully wrong and do not deserve the title of 80s Chick! (as an aside, if you are a lady who likes ladies, ignore this question because we all know the answer is Ally Sheedy. Meow.)

The only correct answer is of course - Rob Lowe as Billy Hicks (St Elmos Fire). 

Oh my God. Billy Hicks. I was about 8 years old when I saw St Elmos Fire for the first time and I was absolutely smitten. Also a bit confused about Ally Sheedy having sex in a shower while wearing pearls but that's for another day. Rob Lowe in that movie was basically sex on legs. Even when he was on stage playing the saxophone and was doing that really cheesy hand clap thing. And then he kisses Demi Moore (Jules) while she's sat on that jukebox, then fights a dude and kisses his bitch of a wife... *swoon* I always wanted Jules and Billy to get together, then he went and banged the frumpy one with the fat thighs. Incidentally, if anyone knows where I can buy a skirt like the one Jules wears at the big party? Hit me up. I need that skirt. 

Sadly, there are about 2 items related to St Elmos Fire on Etsy, so I'm going to talk about something relating to my number 2 ultimate 1980s crush. 

John Bender. Oh John Bender, you were so damn fine. Molly Ringwald was never good enough for you! Plus her face was kinda weird and that haircut was awful! You on the other hand were very pretty and had kind of odd grey coloured hair. Was that a thing in the 80s? Does anyone know? Either way, The Breakfast Club is still one of my all time favourite movies, I'll always be a little bit in love with John Bender, and I'll probably always cry at the end.

So.. after a slightly rambly post, here is my number one Etsy "The Breakfast Club" item! 

Nothing says 80s more than tapes! Taaaapes! Remember them? Awful sound quality and the added bonus of having to rewind or fast forward to your favourite bits! But still, awesome nostalgia! And a tape of the ultimate 1980s movie soundtrack? I am in heaven.

I am a self confessed bag addict. And I 100% adore these bags. I originally looked at the sellers Clutch version of this, then found this two pack! If you're like me and carry around probably 10 times more stuff than you need, then you need a bag you can put a strap on. The large clutch can have D rings added specifically for you to put straps on. Then you can use the tiny clutch for either a change purse, or as a little bag for a fun night out. Oh! The best part? The inside is lined with cupcake fabric! Yummy cupcakes om nom nom! 

You really need to check out this sellers store, they have so many wicked 1980s tape clutches, with everything from Bon Jovi to Cyndi Lauper. They even have some retro Nintendo cartridge purses if you're into a bit of geekery!

Overall, here's my opinion of these clutches and this store:


  1. Ha ha... so my pick is John Cusack! He is hot. I would have said Tom Cruise but he creeps me out now for some reason. New to "finding new friends" blog hop. Now following. Hope you can follow back.


  2. Oh i just saw... you on etsy! I love your shop. I have a shop also. maybe you can check it out... morgan1875.

  3. Yea I am in three "teams". I just joined one and it is for new Etsy people. They had some great info. Have you ever done a Treasury? Ugh... i haven't twittered yet. Yet it looks like I will have to. Thanks for coming back. :)

  4. That's no problem, you have some lovely stuff on etsy :) here's a shop of the day team I'm a member of: they're all super friendly and really work hard promoting!

  5. I am new blog follower
    nice blog !

  6. I just became a follower of your blog! :) Love it! :) Erin

  7. Judd Nelson as John Bender was probably my ultimate 80s crush (he wasn't sexy in St Elmo's Fire with that sleazy politician thing going on). Now you've got me on an 80's film hunt ... I could be lost for hours ;-)

  8. Jo I agree completely, he was not attractive in St Elmo's Fire! Hope the 80s movie hunt went well!