Thursday, 28 April 2011

Little Miss Boo

It is unseasonably warm in Scotland. I lived in England for 7 years and whenever people asked about summertime in Scotland I would tell them it's usually the last week in July. It's been hot as hell for days now, and being a filthy ginger this is no good for me. I try to limit my exposure to the sun as much as possible but it's no good! I'm all pink and it feels like my head's in a vice. Incidentally, that's my favourite scene from Casino. Gangster movies aside, I can't form enough words to blog about proper things today so instead I will introduce you to my cat. I know that sounds like the most ridiculous thing on the planet but stick with me she's pretty cool.

This little scruffy ball of fluff is Boo. This picture was taken when she was 10 weeks old and NOBODY would take her! Can you believe that? My fiancĂ© and I took a 50 mile round trip to "just have a look" and we came home with her. When we walked into the room the kittens were in, she jumped off a chair and ran head first into a wall. With moves like that there was no doubt in our minds, that was the cat for us. 

We called her Boo because on the drive home, she would pop her head out the top of the box she was in, and would only respond to the word Boo! Sadly my choice of name "Frank Martin The Transporter" was off the table from day one. As was "Ted Danson". 

She settled in super quick, even with a Carribean Carnival (loudly) going past my flat the first proper day we had her, and she made herself at home. 

We also taught her the importance of the internet and how one day if she studied hard she could be a Lolcat. 

Boo grew up quickly, and although she's still cute as hell, she can pull some terrifying faces

And spends a lot of time getting in places she's not supposed to...

Boo also seems to have little respect for religion OR Christmas either... 

In conclusion: Boo is a cat of contrasts and her main export is corn, or as the Native Americans call it, "Maize". Here is a short Q&A with Boo herself:

Q: What is your favourite food?
A: Margarine.

Q: Biggest fear?
A: The giant white pigeon who lives in the garden. One time, I got so scared I did a little poo in the sink.

Q: Most annoying habit?
A: That smacking noise I make while I lick my own butt

Q: What's your favourite toy?
A: Although I've got lots of toys, my favourite has to be McCoys crisp packets tied into bows. Salt and Vinegar preferably. 

Q: Best friend?
A: The compressor in the humans freezer. It makes brilliant noises, and I make them back. I think we really understand each other.

Q: Hopes for the future?
A: To get on top of the wardrobe any time I like, because sleeping on that giant stuffed pony is well good.

Please note: Boo doesn't actually talk but as her owner this is probably a fairly accurate representation. And yes, her favourite food in the whole world is margarine. No, I do not feed her margarine.

I've rambled on long enough about my cat now, probably enough to be considered a proper mental cat lady. But I'm not, I showered today. So I will end with a video of Boo doing what she does best, messing up your shit. Also I promise I will be back tomorrow with a PROPER blog, with Etsy items and everything. Don't expect any Royal Wedding nonsense though. Oh, and an extra special Dr Who Saturday blog on Saturday as well! Yay!

Oh also! In response to my "grrr white walls" post, I know that's a plain white wall in the video but that bedroom was 8ft x 8ft so if I painted it any other colour it would have been like living in some sort of hellish coloured box. And I don't live there now so nyah! 


  1. Love it! Boo would sure have fun with my Squishy although he prefers real butter ;)

  2. Cute kitty and really silly story about your fur friend.