Thursday, 16 June 2011

That Damn Cat

Hello ladles and jellyspoons! Today's blog is going to be a giant image dump of the best cat in the world, Boo. Mainly because she's decided to start napping with me again (yay!), and also because quite frankly the world needs more Boo. A lot more. 

So here we go...

First of all, I would like to dispel any rumours that Boo has any dignity whatsoever. Because she doesn't. You think this is bad? I've seen her eat her own poop. FROM HER BUTTFUR. (lolz whats a buttfur.. fur pooping silly! Oh my god that's awful, I'm sorry) She is also a big fan of trashy celebrity magazines like OK and Hello! They're definitely not mine. Bloody cat. Boo can also be seen in close proximity to some of her other favourite things, i.e. cables. Boo loves her some cables. Especially daddy's expensive DJ headphone cables. Oops. 

This is sullen emo Boo. Lying in bed, no doubt thinking of some really deep and meaningful My Chemical Romance lyrics and wondering why life is so unfair. If only she had opposable thumbs to write in a journal.  And it's not because I won't buy her a pony because she has a giant pony that she sometimes sleeps on. I think life as a cat is just a bit tiring sometimes. Also pictured, is her best friend Monsieur Plisken. Like his namesake, I think he only has one eye left now as well. Because Boo ate the other. She also ate both the eyes of the original Monsieur Plisken. It's like raising a tiny Hannibal Lecter.

The Gang Gets a New Member! And it is Boo. Boo has previously shown no interest in It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, however I think Charlie's strange affinity for cats is working its magic on her. Should we get her some kitten mittons? Who is more badass, Boo or Special Agent Jack Bauer the junkyard cat? Can Boo actually flatten herself and slip through the seams in the wall? Was Boo also born in a pool of gasoline on a sheet of rusty metal? If you don't watch It's Always Sunny, then this will all be lost on you. And SHAME ON YOU SIR. SHAME! 

AAAH! EYES! Now imagine waking up to this, 4 bony little paws sinking between your ribs, hot tuna breath whistling across your cheeks then BAM! EYES. All up in your grill. What is even scarier is when she does this in the dark, and all you can see is shadow.. and I wake up, freaking out and screaming AAAH BATMAN! Because lets be fair here, a pointy eared cat shadow does look a LOT like Batman... *ahem* You can also see in the distance, Boo's "sleepin' on" pony. Unfortunately she then gets stuck up there and cries until we help her down. Worst cat ever.


  1. bahaha I freaking LOVE It's Always Sunny!

    Cats usually don't have any dignity - they think no matter what they do, they're still better than their humans ;)

  2. @Jessica Renee

    Seriously, aside from the Venture Brothers, it's probably my favourite show ever. Best thing on TV!

  3. HAHA At fur poop!!! this was so funny!! cats usually have no dignity in this manner! I agree they do look scary on dark!Great blog im your new follower i'd love if you follow back :)