Monday, 13 June 2011

Poop Bear

What is up bitches! Yes, sorry, I know.. I should be coming to you, cap in hand saying "I'm so sorry for deserting my blog for almost 2 weeks while I was off doing God knows what, possibly sky diving from a plane into a moving car and driving off to Monte Carlo where I won a fortune, hijacked a yacht and foiled international jewel thieves". I guess the sorry part is true? The rest, not so much. In reality, I got blood tests, let someone take x rays of my brain and didn't poop for like.. a week. Is that TMI? Possibly. But oh man, it sucks when that happens. Now I know why grizzly bears are so grumpy and maul people all the time when they're coming out of hibernation. They haven't pooped since like.. October, and now it's May. Obviously that's completely made up.. I have no idea when bears go into hibernation. 

Okay so I intended this to be my "DUN DUN DUNN! DR WHO KIND OF FINALE BLOG", but I'm going to be posting that later as I have the energy of something not very energetic right now. This is not related to the poop. 

So, where have I been? Umm.. I've been in my house, with occasional trips to the supermarket, the hospital and the doctors surgery. Life has NOT been exciting. I won't harp on about being ill, but let's just say that whatever "Mystery Illness" I have, it best come with one simple tablet to make it all better. Because I can't go on not functioning like this. I never thought I'd get upset about not working, and not being a travel agent but yep, I'm pretty bummed. There's something else you didn't know about me, I used to be a travel agent. Granted it was only for a year but it was a pretty kickass job and I learned so much. My speciality was the U.S.A, specifically the West Coast, NYC and Orlando. You wanna party on the Strip? You come to me. Except not now, because I'm not a travel agent any more :( 

Moping aside, have you seen Katy Perry's new video for Last Friday Night? Oh man I love it. And so many retro stars! I might have actually said "HOLY SHIT A COREY!" at one point. I *think* it's Corey Feldman because I'm pretty sure Corey Haim is dead. I could be making that up though. No, I just checked, he's dead. And looks like an anorexic George Clooney in his Wikipedia picture. Weird. I also love Katy's hair in this, I'm gonna be spending all weekend locked in a room with my crimpers and hairspray and root boost oh my! If you haven't already, go check out the "Kathy Beth Terry" videos, they might explain a bit more about what's actually going on! 

So I think that's about it. I'll be getting back to my usual "Blahblahblah stuff about a thing blahblah here's some Etsy stuff Dr Who blahblah" in the next couple of days hopefully. Although I may have to watch the Dr Who almost kind of finale episode again! Byebye :) 

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  1. Haha. Loved this post. But sorry about the whole being ill part.